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In the Fall of 2021, I accepted a position as a media curator and social media manager at a local Chattanooga Brewery known for their craft, small batch, and unique sour beers. For this internship, I create event posters, Instagram stories and posts, attend and capture events, film short advertisements and longer documentary style films, and communicate with all staff of this multifaceted company. WanderLinger host events every night of the week, has an art gallery in the tap room which rotates each month, and hosts their space for many events and catering opportunities. This fast paced environment and constantly evolving schedule makes for many new and unique media opportunities. This web page is currently in development as I am currently still in this position, check back often for more content!

Here you will find my photography that I have taken to use for product placement for WanderLinger. These photos are used in all aspects of the business from their website and Facebook to Instagram and other advertising content. It includes merchandise, beer releases, beer canings, and more! This as well will continue to grow as I continue to create content for this internship. Check back regularly. 


Here are more photographs that I took for Wanderlinger that are more than product photography. This includes event coverage, shows at the brewery, and other things where Wanderlinger would have a presence. These photos challenged me as I had never been in the situations for many of them and had to think on my feet as quickly as I could. To see more of the photos, click on either of the photos (they both go to the same page).


Here you will find my video content created for WanderLinger. Currently, it is a little light, but videos have been planned and will soon be populating this page quickly. As of now, it holds "boomerang" type advertisements used in social media spaces to grab attention and stimulate senses of viewers. Soon, a full advertisement, brewery tour, and other shorts will be making an appearance. Videography being my bread and butter, I'm extremely excited to work on these projects and make the most of these opportunities. 

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Here you will find advertisement I have created for events that the brewery hosts. As a an unfamiliar and new opportunity for myself in this area, I'm looking to grow my skills of making these as well as continue to push the boundaries of my creativity.


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