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As a media curator, it is my job to capture just as much as it is to create. This page showcases the type of photography I have done for WanderLinger so far. Using what I have learned from my time at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga's Communication department, I have developed a unique, yet rule following style that makes unique images but appealing to most. My favorite shoots are those that are a little more spontaneous and have rich, colorful backgrounds.


This includes the release photos for the Oktoberfestbier (can and draft) which were taken weeks before its release, the subsequent canning of the Oktoberfestbier, and two small batch craft IPAs. These photos use 3 point lighting, creative and text book photography rules, and use of the environment in ever changing situations. I find these images some of the more challenging and foriegn to my usual work, but love being placed into new experiences.


This set of photos includes merchandise photography I have collected for WanderLinger's website shop. Using several friends and a well lit forest path, I tried to reinforce the brand identity of outdoors and nature to help pull together the aesthetic of our website. Using overall shots, and detail shots, I believe I crated images that represent the products authentically while also keeping an artistic undertone to it. This is also a work in progress and may change or have more photos added to it.

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