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As a videographer at heart, this is my favorite place to work. Conceptualizing, planning, lighting, shooting, shooting again, editing, and presenting my moving visuals are the best part of any media project. Here I plan to use as a landing for all of my working that involves video in any manner. 


This includes the release videos for the Oktoberfestbier (can and draft) which were taken weeks before its release. These videos use 3 point lighting, creative and text book photography rules, several pints of beer to get the perfect simple videos. These videos were used as social media advertising of the newly released Oktoberfestbier. Shot and formatted to being in a social media environment, these videos are what we used to bring more traffic to the newly released beer.


This video was created after the canning process of the Oktoberfest beer. This simple 33 second video was shot and produced to be used in an advertisement for those keen on learning more about the process it takes to get our beer into a can! In it's current state, it is not ready to be used as it lacks direction from those in charge of our advertising, but is ready to be edited or added to in order to make a great short video.

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