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Braselton, GA

Petit Le Mans, a race named after the most grueling and testing race in the world held in Le Mans France. This, of course, is a race held in Braselton Georgia, USA. And because of a county noise ordinance, no racing can be held at Road Atlanta after 12PM midnight. Therefor, a 24 hour race is out of contention for this two and a half mile, 12 turn, and 125ft elevation changing track. So we'll settle for 10 hours. Of course this year was unique like all other, the in house favorite Porsche collected a win, drama was had in bumper to bumper racing, and.. oh yeah, the pandemic is still going on. All of this in mind, the mild temperatures, company of friends, and my personal farewell of Porsche in IMSA (for now fingers crossed) will always be remembered through this set of photos! Thanks for stopping by.

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