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April 15th, 2022

Running Time: 01:41 

Using my previous experience, I found my way to Los Angeles to film for Winward Racing. A truly exciting experience and an amazing time. Being able to work around such a personable team was amazing and I'm proud of the footage I captured. The weekend did not end well for Winward, but the pace of Russell and Ellis is promising for the remainder of the season.


December 3rd, 2021

Running Time: 05:11 

During the summer of 2021, I sent emails to each team in the IMSA racing series in the United States asking if there would be an opportunity for me to film for them and create a recap of a race weekend. Riley Motorsports reached back out with a generous offer to film for them. Working on this piece and in this environment was my favorite film to date. It was honestly the closest thing to what I'd want to do in my professional line of work. This piece was filmed, edited, and created solely by myself .Please enjoy my Riley Motorsports 2021 PLM Recap. 


November 6th, 2021

Running Time: 04:29 


This production features Amanda Braizer, local Chattanooga soil artist, and a local non profit grocery store Gaining Grounds. A project was dreamt up between owner Holly Martin and Artist Braizer to create a mural of soil pigments collected from the surrounding farms. After being connected with Amanda, I spent the next 3 months running all across Chattanooga to capture the stories behind select soils and their owners. This project received 10th place in the Hearst Journalism multimedia category of 2021.


October 26th, 2021

Running Time: 02:33 

Rising Rock is a professor led Multi Media team that focuses on non-fiction stories in a journalistic manner. My team and I were tasked with creating a video about the automotive culture in the city of Chattanooga. With the Chattanooga motorcar festival in town, this was the best time to figure out what it was all about. Use the "" button for a link directly to the full story page.


September 22nd, 2021

Running Time: 02:54 

Rising Rock is a professor led Multi Media team that focuses on non-fiction stories in a journalistic manner. What's it like to be a Santa and how can we learn from those who are? Use the "" button for a link directly to the full story page.


May 26th, 2021

Running Time: 00:30 

Over the summer of 2021, I looked for freelance opportunities in my hometown of Knoxville Tennessee. Having some contacts at the local dealership ring of Harper Autosquare, I partnered with them to create an advertisement that would play on streaming services at targeted audiences. Here is my 30 second commercial for Harper Autosquare.


April 21st, 2021

Running Time: 01:30 

Music: Juanitos - Funkula

For my Video 2 class at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga I created a mock commercial of my MK7 Volkswagen GTi. The assignment was to create a commercial of our choice. Using a friend as the main actor and my girlfriends car as a camera car, I wrote, directed, filmed and produced this final product.


April 26th, 2021

Running Time: 03:02

Music: Provided by

Rising Rock is a professor led Multi Media team that focuses on non-fiction stories in a journalistic manner. My team and I were tasked with creating one part of a three part story about the past present and future of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were tasked with the future segment. With the help of my team, I was able to gather B-Roll, A-Roll and gain more hands on experience with audio and lighting as we interviewed our future. Use the "" button for a link directly to the full story page.


April 12th, 2021

Running Time: 03:16 

Music: Music provide by FMA 

In the UTC Rising Rock class, each individual in the class was assigned a story to follow. My story was based on the history of the Chattanooga National Cemetery. I interview park historian Jim Ogden about the importance of the rolling hills. This piece was put together by myself alone. Use the "" button for a link directly to the full story page.


March 18th, 2021

Running Time: 02:22 

Music: Provided by

Continuing to work with the Rising Rock Multimedia class, me and my team interview a local art curator who's gallery host only local artists. This piece continues to exemplify my hands on experience with lighting, A-roll, b-roll, and editing. Use the "" button for a link directly to the full story page.


March 29th, 2021

Running Time: 02:01 

Music: MOUNT SANAI by $uicide Boy$

Mason contacted me after helping create Bogdan's feature over a year ago. In town for the weekend of Riverside Chattanooga, Mason started off by washing his car and meeting us for the film. Riding around downtown, finding unique locations, and working around Friday afternoon traffic was tough, but the final result was worth it.


November 15th, 2020

Running Time: 00:41 

Music: Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy

This recreation of a scene from Forest Gump (1994) was a final project for UTC's Video I class. I chose this scene because it was one of my favorite movies growing up. I had a friend with a truck, and several other willing friend actors and shot the entire scene in one day in Prentice Cooper State Forrest. Please keep in mind this was my first shot at directing and working in a rehearsed movie style film project, and these actors are not actors, just friends! Creating and managing this projected was an extremely stressful but also insightful experience and I look forward to creating similar pieces in the future.


April 26th, 2020

Running Time: 1:55 min

Music: Ambitions by KASPA.

Rodrigo requested I my a short film of his car while I was in Chattanooga for the Spring 2020 Riverside Chattanooga meetup. The meet was canceled, but the city was full of low riders, miatas, and more than anything; people willing to create content. This film was made on the Sunday which Rodrigo also had to drive back to Indiana. I gain more experience here while working in a limited time frame.


March 19th, 2020

Running Time: 1:15 min

Music: Airplane Mode by Bones

After meeting for the first time at a Riverside Chattanooga pop up event, Bogdan and I clicked quickly. With the help of a swampy morning and a friends miata, this film was created with an atmosphere that fits the hard stance that Bogdan's 190E boasts.


April 12th, 2020

Running Time: 3:24 min

Music: I Will Always Be Yours by Ben Rector

The Menards, close friends of mine, asked that I film their wedding. Being close friends and my first wedding, I felt pressure to do well, but with the help of friends and guidance by the photographer, the video came out good. This was my first wedding shoot and was an amazing opportunity to get experience and grow my portfolio while providing never ending memories for my close friends. 



September 5th, 2019

Running Time: 2:11 min

Music: LooseScrew by Bones

As Sumner and Andreas contacted me about photos, I mentioned making a short film of their cars whilst we were together. We brainstormed ideas and in no time, I was hanging out of the trunk of my car to film rollers of the two stunning imports. This shoot was filmed mostly on the back roads of West Knoxville as well as at a local car wash. This shoot was an amazing time as well as a great opportunity to continue the development of my film and editing style. 



June 9th, 2018

Running Time: 1:54 min

Vivian by Pax

Harper Porsche of Knoxville contacted me through Instagram requesting that I film a video for their 70th year anniversary celebration. Obviously lost for words, I obliged. Working for my favorite car company was an absolute dream. This video was produced as promotional content that was displayed on their social media feed. Looking back, the content was good and the quality was decent. I find these older videos as proof of improvement when looking at my current productions.



January 3rd, 2019

Running Time: 3:06 min


Courtney and I had exchanged communications about filming for quite some time. After her car had been wrecked, it was a long rebuild to get it back to showcase quality and this video was it's reveal. Filming in downtown Knoxville is a tall order due to all of the one way streets, traffic and pedestrians, but we made do. 


September 21st, 2018

Running Time: 2:30 min

Jesus In Disguise

I was inquired by one of my high school teachers to create this video which would be showed at his church. The video encompasses an event they put on for the children at the church. I loved capturing the emotion and action at this event. This also shows other areas within filming that I have experience with.


May 15th, 2018

Running Time: 10:51 min

Congratulations by Post Malone

Strawberry Swing by Cold Play

Encouraged by my girlfriend, I captured moments that would encapsulate our senior year of high school. I am proud of this video because of its high view count on YouTube as well as the amazing project that came together after many months of filming and preparation. It is still the biggest project I've put together, and looking back, I see many areas I have improved upon.

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